DCCM are leaders in engineering and infrastructure services.

Highway Bridge


Surface and Highway

To meet the increased demand for efficiency and increased capacity in our urban and rural systems, DCCM provides the full suite of professional transportation services, including heavy highway, urban streets, rail, and traffic management. These include such systems as freeways, tollways, heavy and light rail, and rapid transit systems. Regardless of the project size or specific mode of transportation, our professional staff has the expertise to deliver the project successfully. 



Supply, Collection, and Treatment

Our water services include both potable water treatment and distribution networks, and wastewater collection and treatment. With project expertise in every category of these water services, we have the in-depth experience and capacity to deliver any project inclusive of all treatment systems, small and large pipeline networks, pump stations, storage facilities, automated control systems, and advanced state-of-the-art technologies as applied to these infrastructure development projects.

Natural Water System


Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Stormwater Management

DCCM’s expertise in hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) coupled with our vast background in urban stormwater management makes us uniquely positioned as the premier provider of water resource services. From raw water supply to feed our growing urbanized areas to the flood systems aimed at managing our stormwater management requirements, our team of water resource professionals can meet the demands of any project, large or small. Water supply, drainage studies, master drainage plans, storm sewer and open channel drainage systems, pump stations, detention, and impact analysis and mitigation are all fundamental to our water resource services.

Sail Restitching and Repair


Consulting Services

Our infrastructure consulting services include all the professional services as required to maintain and advance our infrastructure needs on an ongoing management basis as well as in times of emergency response and disaster recovery. These services include public works support, infrastructure assessment and valuation, planning, emergency response, disaster recovery, and capital improvement planning. At every level of infrastructure management and recovery, we have all the expertise and systems as needed to meet the demands and capacity requirements of any project.

Construction Site Managers



DCCM has the experienced personnel and necessary management systems to provide the construction management of any project regardless of type and scale. In addition, our program management expertise is unparalleled and with billions of dollars in program management expertise, we can deliver the execution of any infrastructure development program at all stages. Inclusive of our PMCM expertise is our full suite of systems for quality management, scheduling, labor resourcing, procurement, cost controls, and budget management.



Renewables, Transmission & Distribution, Storage, and Electrification

Our power engineers, consultants, and construction managers bring the full suite of services to the electric power sectors. Be it expanding our renewable power systems via wind and solar to the transmission & distribution networks, substations, and other related equipment systems needed to support our communities growing electric energy demands. This includes all-electric storage components and facilities as well as specialized electrification networks such as for our transportation systems including our expanding electric vehicle (EV) usages.



Construction, Land, and Bathymetric

Our surveying services involve all aspects of construction, land, and bathymetric surveying, including boundary, topographic, route, rights-of-way, aerial mapping, horizontal and vertical controls, hydrographic, and utility location surveying. Our state-of-the-art technologies provide the most efficient surveying and mapping services available today.

Aerial View


Commercial, Retail, Industrial, and Family

Transforming raw land into livable communities requires skillfully designed support systems. Thanks to our experienced staff of engineers and extensive background in land development for both private and public clients, our team produces the most efficient and cost-effective designs for a variety of developments, including commercial mixed-use, industrial and manufacturing, retail, or single-family/multi-family residential.

Modern Architecture


Buildings and Public Places

DCCM approaches architectural design as both an art and science. We revel in the craft of creating buildings and public spaces with state-of-the-art features, combining form and function to align with programmatic and financial objectives, with an overriding focus of achieving design excellence. Our approach to design and planning focuses on delivering unique environments that maximize construction dollars, operational efficiency, environmental responsiveness, and end-user achievement.



Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Our integrative approach goes beyond the traditional MEP approach by holistically integrating the design of architectural and building systems to optimize building performance, occupant comfort, sustainability, and life cycle costs. Our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers deliver precise, scalable solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs.